Our basis for a good cooperation in partnership is the close relationship with clients and producers, technically well-grounded advice and extensive service. Hence, we know very well customer needs as well as production conditions, not only selling products but offering system solutions. In training, we show how our products are used to best effect. Therefore, our customers achieve individual technical solutions, the best value and efficient working hours. Decades of research and development guarantee technological progress and superb service.


Our assets



Company History

68 Dinitrol Stationen konservieren nach dem patentierten 2-Schichtsystem und sorgen für professionellen Unterbodenschutz und Hohlraumversiegelung sowie rasche Bekanntheit in der Bevölkerung.


DKS was founded in Linz under the company name Rinko. Due to the exclusive agreement for Dinitrol products, the company quickly established itself as the leading specialist for corrosion protection in Austria. 68 Dinitrol stations conserve according to the patented 2-coatings-system and provide for highly professional protective underbody coating and cavity sealing, leading to quick awareness in the population.

Das Österreichische Bundesheer, MAGNA, Liebherr und viele weitere zählen auf das umfassende Wissen unserer Mitarbeiter zu den Themen Korrosionsschutz, Klebstoffe und Dichtmassen.


Under CEO Hans-Peter Kindl, the company is renamed DKS Korrosionsschutz GmbH and the brand Dinitrol is more strongly established with industrial customers. The Austrian Federal Armed Forces, MAGNA, Liebherr and many more rely on the extensive expertise of our staff on the subjects of corrosion protection, adhesives and sealants.

Mit Übernahme der Geschäftsführung durch Thomas Knapp erfolgt die Sortimentserweiterung mit Fahrzeugreinigungsmitteln und Pflegeprodukten der Marke Polytop und schließlich die Umbenennung in DKS Technik GmbH.


Thomas Knapp takes over the management and puts into effect the assortment expansion with car cleaning products and maintenance products of the brand Polytop. The company is eventually renamed DKS Technik GmbH.

Immer wieder beweisen wir unsere Expertise auch in der Klebetechnik.


Repeatedly we prove our expertise in adhesive technology. For example, our construction adhesive is used in the ÖBB railjet and the glacier train Kaprun.

DKS wird nach ISO 9001/2008 zertifiziert.


DKS is certified according to ISO 9001/2008.

Bau und Umzug in das Firmengebäude in Gnadenwald/Tirol.


Construction of and relocation to the new company building in Gnadenwald/Tyrol.

Marken-Relaunch und Sortimentserweiterung der geschützten Eigenmarke kLine.


Relaunch of brand and diversification of the trademarked own brand kLine.

North of Frankfurt, Schad, restorer of old-timers, opens up the first Dinitrol station in Germany and offers to his clients the approved 2-coatings-system for cavity and underbody.

Auszeichnung vom Land Tirol für unser familienfreundliches Unternehmen.


Award from Tyrol for our family-friendly company.

Siemens erhält den Zuschlag für 60 Straßenbahnen vom Typ Avenio für die Niederlande. Für den Rostschutz sorgen wir.

Siemens wins the tender for 60 trams of the type Avenio for the Netherlands. We provide the rust protection.

Fokus auf Kommunalbetriebe – DKS ist erstmals auf der ASTRAD & austro.KOMMUNAL vertreten.
Dinitrol Rostschutz Unimog
Dinitrol Korrosionsschutz 2-Schicht-System


Focus on municipal undertakings – DKS participates for the first time in the fair ASTRAD & austro.KOMMUNAL.


We have been a partner of the Pappas Unimog Service Days since 2016 and provide information on surface, underbody and cavity protection.


Whether electric mobility will prevail or not - we are prepared and have developed a rust protection concept for electric and hybrid vehicles. Each vehicle has its own characteristics and special features and is built or wired differently. Only we create treatment plans that are precisely worked out for each vehicle and show the entire electrical system.



We focus our sporting commitment on motorsport. Once active in Formula 1 we are now fascinated by sidecars and rallies. Of course, we always keep our fingers crossed for our colleague and Formula 3-pilot Herman Waldy. Furthermore, we support numerous local athletes and clubs. Many of them work with our rust preventives, special adhesives and sealing agents and provide us with valuable information how the products react in extreme sporting situations.

Niki Lauda
Formel 3
Käfer Racing Team



Partner of Dinitrol for 45 years: DKS exclusively sells Dinitrol, a product line of DINOL GmbH, in Austria and Germany. For 70 years DINOL has been one of the leading producers of anti-corrosion material, sealing and adhesives systems and supplies all significant original equipment manufacturer (OEM).


Dekalin is THE brand for caravans and mobile homes. The products are also used in heating and ventilation technology. With the brand Dekalin the technicians of DKS can cover an additional spectrum of applications.


Polytop: Customers like AUDI, BMW, DAIMLER CHRYSLER, MAN or MAZDA rely on cleaning, care and finishing products of the German manufacturer Polytop. The products range from silicon-free mirror finish and special all-purpose cleaners for indoor and outdoor use to insects removers and rim cleaners. Likewise, adequate accessories can be found in the product line.


Weiss: The product range of Weiss Chemie comprises adhesives and special cleaners for the production of PVC, aluminium and wooden windows. Furthermore, Weiss offers adhesives for industry, automotive, marine and handcraft.


kLine – our own brand: DKS produces in its own research laboratory products under the brand name kLine. The product range originally developed due to specific customer needs that could not or, respectively, not quickly enough be satisfied by big manufacturers. Today, the assortment includes more than 30 articles and is continuously extended.


Zinga: With the film galvanising system of the Belgian company Zinga DKS expands its rust prevention expertise to other fields of industry. On-site a metallic coating with a share of zinc of 96% is applied on iron or steel with brush, roller or spray pistol.


ERGO: Adhesives from Kisling, drop by drop " high tech made in Switzerland" . Efficient production , weight loss , high product safety = wishes in the productiopn. Your solution on the way to the finish : Two-component ergo.® structural adhesives in combination with one-component, anaerobic curing adhesives ergo.® of company Kisling.

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